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Hello and Welcome!!

As I am a new one here, I just want to say that Im not used to this app so it will take me some time to adjust with it.

The story Im going to write is related to this two people I talk to but of course Ill add a bit more of this that to it.

I don know when I will be free and will be updating but I will make sure to complete it.

And as I said above this story is based on two people who exist please don send hate to anyone. (and I also said I add a bit of this and that to add up spice, so yeah)

I still don know if this story will end with a good or bad ending but I am sure I will not make another part of it. Till I get any new idea?

And again as I said before I am still not new to this app so there will be a lot of mistakes which I may correct later, so please do ignore grammatical mistakes. (English is not my first language) And also this story is being written for Contest purpose, so I will rather focus on story now than the mistakes I make... Ill later edit it out (whenever Im free). So please be patient... ^_^

The story at first may be boring but I will try my best to make it more interesting later.

If I change any part or chapter in this story, Ill mark that chapter as (UPDATE).

Can drag this long to cover word limit... Hope it doesn bore you out tho... Im not sure...

And also if you like it please do share, vote or comment.

Thats it hope you enjoy it XD.

Bye! And see you later!

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